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    Brian Mackey

    brianmackey-honestlove_1290209812    Ultimate Music Mix is proud to present Brian Mackey, this indie rock artist surprised us with a great beat and sound, Brian has a lot of talent that a lot of people will like and we believe he will become very popular soon if he continues to put out great music like this.

       Brian Mackey reminds us of a group back in the day called  Bay City Rollers, and Kansas, and even Neil Diamond, we hope Brian continues down this road where he is heading, because he his heading in the right direction, so, enjoy Brian Mackey, and listen to his great songs.


       One might say it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what genre NYC Artist Brian Mackey is. He is an honest, eclectic pop-infused rock, singer songwriter, with a twist of folkish Americana. But no matter what you label it as, it is heartfelt, witty and truly real. It’s just Brian. Originally from a tin-roof town in Havana, Florida, where he spent his early days singing in the bathtub armed with dirty red glasses, and almost blowing up his room with chemistry sets, Brian knew right from the start what he wanted to: write songs. Many a day he played hooky from school just to listen to his favorite music in his room and studied the inserts, building his working mental library of writers, producers, and musicians.


       MEDIA Brian has released 2 music videos, “Honest Love” and “Sunshower” from the songs on his album, Honest Love.

       Honest Love: http://www.youtube.com/brianmackeymusic#p/a/u/0/K23IKSaRUsM – Featured on the Viso Music Launch with the Civil Wars, and on Vancouver, CA TV
    Sunshower: http://vimeo.com/24148621



    - Brian’s songs were most recently placed in 4 movies releasing this year:

    “Color Blue” and “Honest Love” in “The Boys of Abu Graib” with actors Sara Paxton (Last House on the Left) and Sean Austin (Lord of the Rings)
    “Color Blue” in “Fake” directed by Gregory Friedle, with Robert Loggia and Gabriel Mann
    “Color Blue” in “Fathoms Deep”
    “Color Blue” and “Honest Love” in “29,000 Wishes, 1 Regret” directed by Oliver Robins (Poltergeist)

    - Supercuts “Rock the Cut” Artist

    - Viso music’s January Featured Artist and has an exclusive interview with them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvAuCEftwyo

    - U.S Airways In-flight Radio Featured Artist

    - Featured artist on the “Songs of Love for Japan” Compilation CD among artists such as Sarah Barielles, Ani DiFranco and Tori Amos.

       His latest reviews have included, Big Medicine Canada, Aquarian Magazine, Filter Magazine (For Songs of Love for Japan), MashableEntertainment, Indie Shuffle, Indie Update, Bigger Than Beyonce, Rising Magazine, Middle Tennessee Music, Music News Nashville, among others.



       The Listening Room Cafe, Nashville, The Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, The Highline Ballroom NYC, Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, Utica Music Festival, The Mercury Lounge NYC, The Bitter End NYC, Sullivan Hall NYC, Angels & Kings, NYC, Gavin De Graw’s National Underground NYC, Austin’s SXSW Music Festival, The Cape May festival on the Jersey Shore, Florida Music Festival, Six Flags Amusement Park in Missouri, Musikfest in PA, and Johnson CC in Kansas.

     Here is Brian Mackey’s iTune links;
    Brian Mackey

    Honest Love – Brian Mackey

    Brian Mackey Red EP – EP – Brian Mackey

    Here is Brian Mackey;s Amazon links.


    Brian Mackey: Honest Love EP
    Brian Mackey: Honest Love EP
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    United Duality.


    United_Duality_Colour_-_track4    Ultimate Music Mix is proud to present United Duality, a band that is very talented and produces their sound to bring back history and turn back time, if you like the Beadles, The kinks, the Doord, or even Donavon, then you may really enjoy this band.

    A great alternative sound that will resinate with certain listeners if the listeners give them a listen, We have sat and listened to every song they play and we found ourselves swaying back and forth to some songs even thiugh they wasn’t in english it was soothing and refreshing, and we found ourselves shaking a leg to other songs, so that means they have a variety of beats to satisfy the listener.

    So go a head and give them a listen, and enjoy your evening, or morning from where ever you are.


    We are two guys thinking that we are able to make some music. So the two of us founded a little “band” in February 2012., our names are Ortwin Wendt, André Biedermann, and the name of our band is “ United Duality”.

    It is difficult to sort ourselves into a particular style, since we do a lot of different ones, as you will hear by and by, our genres are based on pop/folk/rock, and we are from Celle, De.

    No videos available.





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    1333679540_Origin    Ultimate Music Mix is proud to present Mudslinger, this is a band where the band members are staying anonymous from their fans, even we don’t don’t know the names os the band members, they even remain anonymous to us.


    Mudslinger is a heavy metal rock band out of Canada that we don’t know nothing about, but what we do know is that they have a grea t rock sound that reminds us, here at Ultimate Music Mix, of Alice Cooper, and Ozzy Osborn, and Black Sabbath, we noticed that they do play some of Ozzy Osborn’s songs, and they do it very well.

    All we know is that this great sounding band has 4 anonymous members and is managed by some guy that they call MudMan out of Ottawa, On, Canada, and they play great with a metal sound, and they also perform Ozzy Ozborn’s songs.

    Mudslinger’s music can be purchased at iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby, links are below.

    Mudslingers iTune links;


    Cover the Sun – Mudslinger

    Black Sabbath – Hail to the Stonehenge Gods – A Tribute to Black Sabbath

    Mudslinger’s Amazon link;

    mudslinger music



    Mudslinger: Cover the Sun


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    Midnight_Odyssey_EP_1299529473    Ultimate Music Mix is proud to present Djiel, this band has a great altermative/rock sound, that kinda reminds me of ABBA, Djiel plays in rhythm, and is a joy to listen to.

         Ultimate music Mis is glad we were able to bring this band to you so you can decide for yourselves if you enjoy their tracks, this French band comes to you from Europe, and performs very well.

         So, sit back kick your shoes off, lay your head back close your eyes and take in all their songs and enjoy the rhythem of Djiel.


         Band members are, Jl LEGRAND: Vocals, guitar, piano, machines // Vincent BÉRENGER: guitar bass // + Additionnal musicians: Pascal SOUVERAINE/Damien RIVOAL / Nic…

        Their manager: Hello pop ! Brussels–> http://www.hellopop.net/

         Djiel is a French Rock band, their songs are described as captivating, tortured, furiously cut out then delicate. Djiel’s music plays with the emotions and the perceptions of an unique rock sound.

    Djiel’s iTune links;


    Silly Pressure EP – Djiel

    Midnight Odyssey EP – Djiel

    Djely Madou Diabaté, vol. 2 – Djely Madou Diabaté

    Djiel’s Amazon link;



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    Chris Aguayo

    1333845646_dn__1_    Ultimate Music Mix is proud to present, Chris Aguayo, this artist is a real joy to listen to, his songs fluxuate between alternative, and rock, Chris has a few songs that are a great mix  that he is able to provide to the listener.

        Ultimate music Mix finds great artists to bring to the forfront  so you the listener can hear and decide if you like the artist’s music or not, and we try to provide you our opinion of what we think of their songs and singing abilities, however in the end it is your final thought of what you think of the artist.

        Chris hasn’t had a chance to record many songs, but what he has been able to make is enjoyable. So sit back and enjoy the talents of Chris Aguayo, we were misinformed on Chris and we are sorry about the misinformation that was sent forth to you, Chris is alive and well teaching and working hard to help younger artists to become future musicians.


        Chris Aguayo writes and records all of his music himself, influenced by all kinds of rock, jazz, new age, and electric pop music. He is a uniquely talented musician who connects with listeners through his story-telling lyrics, emotional singing, and guitar playing. He also plays a handful of instruments including bass, drums, and piano.

        “He plays everything you hear on his recordings, and impressively the songs do not sound disjointed at all. In fact, until I read that he played everything himself I would have sworn it was a full band. Everything flows well and sounds great.” – The Ripple Effect

        Chris was in bands since 12 years old. He played and wrote for the band Elodie from 2007-2011. Elodie released music for sale through iTunes and played select tour dates in NJ, PA, NY, & CT.

        Chris moved his music studio to Coplay, PA in 2012. Since the move, he has reached #1 ReverbNation. Several radios and distribution websites have also reached out to Chris to air and distribute his first single, Don’t You Worry. Don’t You Worry peaked at #2 on MuseBoat Radio.

        Throughout 2012, Chris also released two other singles, “Lost” and “Every Day.” They also have been aired through Hamilton Radio, MuseBoat Radio, and other radios.

        Currently, Chris Aguayo is alive, and well, teaching a younger generation to become artists with a potential future.

    And to you Chris and your family, we are very sorry for the misinformation that we received and whole heartedly apologize for the misinformed post we hope you will forgive us, and thank you for all that you do…

    Here is Chris’s iTune links.

    Chris Aguayo

    Don’t You Worry – Single – Chris Aguayo

    Here is Chris’s Amazon links.

    Chris Aguayo








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    Jon Lase

    1356734950_lase702444_499308706788753_478633216_n   Ultimate Music Mix is proud to present, Jon Lase, a talented rapper who has a sound like Eminem, or 50 Cent, his songs that he raps are suttle enough to where you can understand his words and know the meaning by the way he pours his heart into his songs.

    Ultimate Music Mix wants to warn you that when listening to Jon Lase, not to get offended by foul language, some of the tracks have bad language, and is not suited for minors, so enjoy the rapping of Jon Lase.


    Jon (Lase) was born July 11, 1975 in niagara falls,ny. At 8yrs. old Jon found his interest in music after watching a video on MTV feat: Run DMC & AeroSmith (Walk this way) and requested for his parents to buy RUN DMC’s album.From that day forward he got interested in other artists for example, Michael Jackson, GrandMaster Flash, Fat Boys, Big Daddy Kane, Mc Hammer, Getto Boys, Ice T, N.W.A, Slum Village, Ghetto Mafia. Rap music has been a part of his life for a very long time.

    As Jon got into his teens, he started getting into drums, guitar, singing & writing lyrics for songs. At the age of 19, Jon started a rock group called the Way Wood Youths. The group had their first television debut with Lou Paonessa for the Niagara Falls Firefighter Toy Fund December 7th,1996 and blew up the spot.

    The group continued to do shows at places such as The Fun House 1830 Abbott Road in Cheektawaga, NY, The Showplace Theatre 1063 Grant St. in Buffalo, NY & at The Evening Star on Niagara Falls Blvd in Niagara Falls. In 1998 the group had changed a couple of members and then changed the group name which formed Sylph, a heavy metal rock band. Sylph was unstoppable, and at some points unstable.

    Sylph was successful and even achieved a record deal with Immortal Records, but never got to sign the contract. When Jon returned home from Santa Monica, CA, the group had a huge fallout and broke up.

    This was a huge disappointment for Jon so he decided to quit music all together, out of fear he would never sign or even touch another record contract again. Luckily, Jon’s love for music made him see that things happen for a reason.















































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    Splintered Reality

    1361914207_divincci01Ultimate Music Mix is proud to present, Splintered Reality, this group comes out from no-where to entertain anyone who enjoys listening to artists like, Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, Marylin Manson, Metallica, The Sisters of Mercy, their sound is uniquely displayed for the listener.

    Ultimate Music Mix  hopes you enjoy, Splintered Reality as we have. This is a metal rock band that is actually easy to listen to, so sit back and enjoy Splintered Reality.


    From shattered remains of broken lives…we strive to make sense of this world that has rejected us… we are self produced…self reliant…and self motivated…to bring you the paradox… 
    our pain…your entertainment….


    Itune Links.

    Splintered Reality

    Am I Pretty Now? – Single – Splintered Reality

    Am I Pretty Now? – Am I Pretty Now? – Single

    Amazon Link.

    splintered reality




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    Nick Flavell

    1321034524_new_back    Ultimate Music Mix is proud to present Nick Flavell, a artist who a little rock, and a little alternative, he has a great sound and beat. Nick’s music is relaxing , and enjoyable.

        Here at Ultimate Music Mix, we try to bring you great artists that you can listen to and enjoy their talents like we do, so sit back and enjoy Nick Flavell, and you decide if his music is what you like so, enjoy Nick Flavell’s music.


        Nick Flavell was born and raised in London. His parents were both fans of music and Nick as a toddler loved nothing more than sitting on the floor listening to his parents Beatles, Lou Reed and Who albums.

        As he grew older many noticed Nick’s ever-improving creative talents, particularly when it came to music and drawing. At school Nick was handpicked to appear on a popular children’s TV program, in which the young Nick helped a small group of other students paint a large and impressive mural based on the Star Wars trilogy.

        Flavell’s interest in comic art and graphic design always stayed with him and he spent much time with his best friends drawing his favorite comic heroes.

        After gaining an A+ in Art, the young man decided to leave school and pursue his interest in music. Nick Flavell wrote and produced songs for the band Watercolors in the ’90′s (which is called by many the golden age of indie due to large number of independent, open-minded record labels that began to appear as a result of the free enterprise culture that flourished during that time).

        Within a short while the band grew from a four piece group to an impressive array of professionals, including a graphic designer, photographer, agent, sound engineer, manager and a healthy fan base. …. The band, toured London extensively and. were offered a recording/publishing deal within no time at all.

        The group, were watched by various music journalists, who were more than impressed with the energy, originality and potential of the music. Nick continues to write and record his songs whenever he can and has built up a huge catalogue of song ideas.

        Nick Flavell studied Graphic design at London College of Printing where he gained a distinction in the first year. Flavell has been writing songs prolifically over the past three years and see’s, no reason not to continue! Near Death Experience On the night of November 29th 2006 Nick awoke with severe chest/stomach pains and he was promptly rushed to Hospital. …. After waiting around for hours in serious agony Flavell was told that the x-ray results had come in showing that he had a perforated stomach ulcer and had to be operated on straight away.

        After this traumatic near-death experience, Nick found that his song-writing abilities had improved dramatically and he seemed to have gained new creative powers.”

    Itune links to Nick Flavell’s music…
    Nick Flavell
    Overlord/Siberia/Sometimes – Nick Flavell
    Umbrella Man – Nick Flavell
    Siberia – Nick Flavell
    Siberia – Nick Flavell
    Nick Flavell’s Amazon link

    nick flavell

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    1336498310_band_no_instruments    Ultimate Music Mix is proud to present the rock band, Hellrazer,  this is a hard rock band that has it all together, and kids are going to love them.

        Hellrazer’s and their sound reminds me of the bands that  you see on stage and you start looking around watching everyone in the audience is on their feet bobbing their heads forward and back over and over, just rocking out, a great sounding hard rock band.

        All of us here at Ultimate Music Mix hopes that you rock out and enjoy Hellrazer as they get your attention  with every beat of the drum, so enjoy….


        Hellrazer was formed in mid 2004 by guitarists DrZ and Hoss. After recruiting a bassist and current drummer Kegger, the band began to focus on writing original material rather than being a cover band. In 2007,

        Hellrazer completed their first self-produced full length album entitled “Hellrazer”. In late 2008, two original founding members left the band, and were replaced by lead guitarist Stan Nakanishi and bassist Dan Houser who are featured on Hellrazer’s second self-produced CD entitled “Prisoner of the Mind”.

        The album received overwhelmingly positive reviews around the globe, and charted well on a number of Canadian university and college radio stations. Hellrazer played numerous shows in Alberta to promote the CD, but in 2010 Dan moved to Toronto, leaving the remaining band members to focus on writing new material. Hellrazer auditioned a number of bass players before selecting Simon Hirota.

         During this period, the band was noticed by Dust on the Tracks Records who signed Hellrazer for the release of their third album entitled “Operation Overlord”. The album was recorded at Alchemy studios and features 10 new metal anthems plus two re-recorded songs from their debut CD as bonus tracks.

         For mastering, Hellrazer recruited legendary produced Michael Wagener, and the album was released in February and distributed by Universal and Sony music, respectively in North America and Europe.

    Here is Hellrazer’s iTune links….


    Prisoner of the Mind – Hellrazer

    Operation Overlord – Hellrazer

    Soothsayer – EP – Hellrazor

    Amazon links…


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    The Pizza Kings

    1356116824_Ready-For-Bedlam-CD-_front_    Ultimate Music Mix is proud to present, The Pizza Kings, a great sounding group, kind of sounds like,Dire straits with the beat of Tom Petty. At Ultimate Music Mix, we feel that they have a great alternative rock sound, clean and enjoyable for anyone.

        We hope you enjoy The Pizza Kings, and their songs, we post it and you decide if you enjoy them. We really enjoyed their song, “Driven to Vegas”.



        The Pizza Kings are; Tony Fera, Domenic Di Tomaso and Klint McEachnie. These three, eclectic individuals, share a passion for the creative process of writing, recording and playing music.

        This passion for ‘music’ is the driving force that brings the ‘Kings together. They draw their inspiration from the very ‘deep waters’ of Rock & Roll, R & B, Soul, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rockabilly, Country… (just about everything).

        At the moment, The Pizza Kings enjoy the role of being a studio band; writing and recording to their hearts desire. Have a listen for yourself and see if their songs don’t touch on common themes you’ve experienced.

        Music has never been so freely available to the listener as it is today; this has created quite a challenge for the old model of the music industry.

        The Pizza Kings are embracing the new direction(s) of the Independent Music Artists, who nowadays are learning to reinvent themselves, on a grass roots level, one fan at a time.

        Come and join the party!

    Free Downloads




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